about this blog and me

I like weeping willows and stone gazebos. Hello, people! I’m Claire. This blog started as a documentation of my gap year adventures. Once those came to a close it rapidly morphed into an outlet for my musings about and recipes of the food that makes up my everyday life. Then it became a way to document my adventures abroad. These days it’s a place I can write, when the mood strikes.

About the name of this blog: When I was filling out college applications I started referring to the repetitive, self-laudatory, embarrassing, paragraphs I was forced to write to convince the admissions people to let me in to their colleges as “blither blather.” In my mind, this blog is somewhat similar, in that I’m writing about myself and my life, which is weird. “Just blither blather” is an appropriate name, since you, the reader, won’t get much more than my ramblings about me, where I live, what I eat, and where I travel. I can’t say that I’m still as enthralled with the name as I once was, but, like an old, comfy t-shirt I can’t bring myself to let go, I haven’t yet managed to change it.

Unless otherwise noted, everything posted on this blog – pictures and recipes, prose and poetry (ha!) – is my original work. Please don’t use it without first asking – contact me! – and then attributing.



  1. Hey you figured out how to work the “about” section! Your technological skills continue to amaze me… and you can count me out of the “vicarious living” club. You should be going to Europe.

    1. Well, actually, I just fiddled around until something appeared. Really, it isn’t like I want it to be because of the limits of this template, but I like the look of it (the template) too much to change it. *sigh* Nevertheless, thank you, thank you. *bows* And I’m saving Europe for studying abroad college.

  2. Have you considered a career in writing? You seem to have the knack for it and as a writer one is constantly exploring new topics, never having to decide one that one thing in life that is it for the growing up purpose. Something to think about. Good luck with your blog, I’ve added it as a bookmark on my iPad. Plan to watch you grow as you go.

    1. Thank you! And, yes, I am very much considering writing of some sort as a career. Ideally, I would like to write about food and travel for the rest of my life, but that seems rather unlikely. Regardless, I do enjoy it, so no matter my job in the future, I hope I can continue to blog.

  3. Since when was I an absent minded shopper :) Loved the collard feature. I am honored to have caused, even by happenstance, such an epicurian exploration.

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