sunshine in Bilbao


Today I opened the curtains in the living room of my apartment to let in the beautiful, warm sunshine. It hadn’t occurred to me before because there was no sun until late yesterday afternoon. But today it shined all day long.
Besides drawing the curtains I attended a Baptist church, the closest of the three protestant churches I could find online, where we sang 90s praise songs translated from English and everyone greeted each other with a kiss on both cheeks, as the Spanish are wont to do. I also walked the 8 minutes to campus to use some of the precious wifi there to briefly skype best friend Hannah and catch up on emails and news. Now I’m people-watching from a foot bridge between campus and the Guggenheim. Tomorrow classes begin. Spain is alright so far. I do miss German bread, though.




  1. Apartment looks comfy so glad you got visa and made it to Spain. I am at airport flying to Ohio to stay with Joe and James while Chris and Betsy go to Italy. Nana will be with us too!

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