a bike and some small strawberries

Fahrrad am Main. Yesterday I took the train into Frankfurt to attempt to find and purchase a bike at a huge flea market that takes place alongside the Main River ever second Saturday. I succeeded! I’m no good at haggling, so I’m sure I was ripped off in paying €73 for the thing. But it’s a fully functional set of wheels with the required lights, decent brakes, and all. I was pleased. Barge am Main

I was surprised by how beautiful the Main and downtown Frankfurt looked, with its contrasting medieval-looking old town buildings dwarfed by skyscrapers looming just to the left. A barge full of shipping containers made it all even odder.

According to Google Maps, it should have taken me 30 minutes to bike home from Frankfurt. I think I spent closer to two hours winding my way down dozens of forests paths and side roads. Eventually, with a lot of dead reckoning and some luck, I did find my little town again. It was an unexpected adventure!

As a favor (which was really all fun for me!) to one of my coworkers last week, I edited an English write-up her sister needed for an application. She gave me some impressively well-flavored apricot gummy bears as a thank-you. How German. And delicious! alcohol at checkout Cultural Awareness Moment: Instead of (or sometimes in addition to) lining the checkout aisles with packages of gum, chocolate, and chapstick, German grocery stores have mini bottles of alcoholic beverages. 9pm The sun doesn’t set until 9:30 or 10:00, but when it does, my neighborhood looks extra lovely. We’re also directly in the flight path for the Frankfurt airport, so I get to see all sorts of planes up close. wpid-20150528_193813.jpg I do so adore colorful German houses. squirrels in new york city A “squirrels in Central Park” picture, just for Mom.

I went down to Freiburg to visit my friends last weekend. It was wonderful to play boardgames and cook with them again. I underestimated how comfortable, easy, and enjoyable it would be to return to place I came to know so well last summer.

small strawberries

While Mom and I were in Wilmington for a few days after school ended, we went strawberry picking and were under-impressed with the flavor – or rather, the lack there of – of the golfball-sized berries we picked. It’s strawberry season now in Germany, and the berries are tiny, but their flavor is much more intense and sweet!



  1. So-o-o good to hear from you and a little about what you’re doing. The photos are interesting and fun to see. Hopefully those planes don’t keep you awake at night. Love, Grandma

  2. Loved reading your blog, but I’m slow to respond. I was wondering what you are really doing at DuPont. Is it interesting? Is it fun? Is it hard work? Are you earning your pay? Love to hear from you. Love, Grandma M.

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