2015 plans, in brief

"Come further up, come further in!" - The Last BattleThere has been a freedom in letting my blog lie dormant. It happened not unconsciously, as I was perfectly aware of the general guilt of unfinished blog posts weighing on the back of my brain, but I’m glad I let go. I stopped posting here, stopped travel journaling, and even eschewed my other, small-scale writing and picture outlet, Instagram. And in May, June, and July of last summer, I enjoyed Freiburg. I spent countless hours swimming in the lake an playing frisbee in the park with my friends. I made a solo, 10-day circuit of Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. I baked dozens of as many varieties of cookies as I could think of. Living life rather than documenting it while being abroad was a refreshingly novel experience for me, and I have no regrets. I would apologize to my extended family and friends, who were certainly less clued-in about my whereabouts and actives because of my sudden indifference to my blog, but I think I won’t. I can show you pictures and tell you stories the next time I see you, if you would like. I’ll always be around to see you at some point or another. As for my other random readers, the obvious remains perennially true: I’m no famous blogger; I’m just a fickle college student, who is (apparently) apt to set down even her beloved blogging hobby at a moment’s notice when she realizes that she’s missing out on interesting conversation, good food, and wonderful people. What did you expect?

My months in Freiburg danced by like so many happy butterflies. The same thing happened to 72 hours at home in Texas, three and a half days in Tennessee for the end of 20th year of Cousins’ Camp, and a week in Wilmington after eight long months away. The fall semester of my junior year was a blur of the most fascinating linguistics and language classes I ever could have dreamed up, and the spring has thus far been less interesting but more relational. If I find the perfect schoolwork-socialization balance before I graduate, it’ll be a miracle.

School will be over for me on May 1st, and I’ll leave the marvelous brick sidewalks, wide-branching oaks, and brilliant professors of Chapel Hill for the last time as an undergraduate. On May 17th I’ll depart for Germany again, and this time I will spend the summer as an intern in the communications department of an American chemicals company near Frankfurt. In September I’ll pack up my suitcase again and head over to Bilbao, Spain, where I will finish my final semester of college as a student at the Universidad de Deusto. And then, God willing, I will be finished with my undergraduate degree. There are a lot of variables, but that’s the plan.

Afterwards? Who knows. Christmas in the US, that’s for sure. And beyond that, I’m scheming up a year of teaching English somewhere else in the world, hopefully. Maybe graduate school after that? We shall see. I’m not too worried, but let me tell you: I’m excited.

I’m unsure if I will blog while I’m in Germany and Spain. I want to remember to live life – to participate and not just observe. Beyond travel, recipes and other food-focused posts don’t fit so well into the cheap and single living lifestyle. Blogging takes hours, and I may not make the time. But perhaps I will. Or maybe it’ll just be a few hastily-captioned pictures here and there. No promises. I am slightly more likely to post on Instagram, however. (Grandparents and other great-relatives: that’s a version of social media in which you share photos and captions.) You can find me here: https://instagram.com/justrclaire/

Until the next time!



    1. All the current traveling has certainly taken me by surprise – it’s nothing I ever imagined this time last year! God graciously dropped it into my lap. I’ll definitely let you know if I ever come through Chicago!

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