gratitude lately [Job 2:10]

The week before last was a long week here at school. My friends and I agree that we’re just ready for school to be over. And it isn’t even close to fall break yet.

It’s not that I had a lot of tests that week. Or that I had an unusual amount of homework. Or that the weather was dreary. None of those things happened. The week just dragged by in a mundane succession of slowly ticking minute hands on classroom clocks and shuffling crowds between classes.

So, inspired by Today’s Letters – a collection of letters and other wonderful things, written by an ever up-beat and thankful couple  – I’m making a list of what I’ve been grateful for recently.


 Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

– Job 2:10 (NIV)

No indeed. Bring on the dense readings, mindless busywork, and 5-hour blocks of back-to-back classes. Because with them comes many good things.

Lately, I’ve been grateful for:

Almond butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. And dining halls that are usually stocked with bananas.

A bike to get me places fast and a lock that keeps my wheels from being stolen.

Exercise. And soreness, which is the reminder of hard work done well.

An aunt and uncle who live close by, who let me use their kitchen to cook off steam and their driveway to store my ride home.

My little iPod and listening to NPR as I walk to class.

Sticky-tack and how it solves all sorts of quandaries.

Re-discovered hair barrettes and how they keep my fluffy hair from taking over the world.

Study rooms and praying mantises that join me to watch the sunset.

And fall break, which is now one week closer than it was when that slow week finally ended in a glorious, sunny Friday.



  1. I have missed your blog very much and so was extremely full of gratitude to see a new post on my email from you. A thing I’m grateful for right now is reading a new book called “Tolstoy and the Purple Chair” by Nina Sankovitch who uses a year of reading one full book a day to heal from the death of her sister. It’s full of title after title after title along with her blog notes about each one linked to how it helped her. I have a list of books started from that that I won’t finish if I live to 100. ,Thanks for reminding us that gratitude for big and small things is essential. Love you, Grandma L.

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