how guacamole should look

best guacamoleI noted in my (semi-)recent post about the best guacamole recipe in the world that guacamole should not be smooth. It must have texture. Alas, due to all of the stirring and mixing required to achieve the perfect guacamole flavor while simultaneously recording the necessary ingredient ratios, my guacamole turned out disgustingly creamy.

guacamole and chipNo. Just no. In the words of Lady Catherine, “This is not to be borne.” Is the perfection of the guacamole to be thus polluted? No indeed! The texture shall not be a distraction! It shall be perfect!

guacamole textureThe avocado should be just mashed and slightly stirred. Nothing more. Texture, people, texture. It really does matter with guacamole. So, to aid you in honing your guacamole-making skills, I present to you these helpful photos of the best guacamole – proper texture and all. You’re welcome.



  1. Mine, from your recipe and seeing you make it was chunky just as you prefer and so do I. It is yummy. Love, Grandma M.

  2. I also have that problem when trying to take photos and write down how much of everything I put in! I would like to recommend mashing the avocado with a whisk – perfect texture!

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