hello [from] Houston!

clouds and sunshine in TX

I write from Houston, Texas. Why? We’re moving here. Yup. After spending all but two years of my life living in southeastern North Carolina, I’m being transplanted to Texas.IMG_5901

We found out in March. I haven’t mentioned it on here until now because, well, there wasn’t much to be said. The announcement would’ve been relegated to a one-liner addendum at the end of some food-focused post. This way the news has a post all to itself. white fences in Texas

Moving to Houston has been both sudden and expected, improbable and inevitable. For several years Dad had been attempting to transfer jobs within his company. On separate occasions it was possible that we would move to Italy, Japan, or even the Middle East. But nothing panned out. Then, just before spring break in March, there was an interview – for a job in Houston, of all places. It had been hovering in the background for a few months, and I had gotten suspicious when Mom didn’t plant a garden in February. Sure enough, just a day or two into our vacation, Dad hung up the phone after talking with the people down here in Houston and announced the news: we’re moving to Houston. We were a bit blindsided and bewildered, I think – or at least I was. Mom and I spent our off-day from skiing online sifting through realestate. It was surreal. driving to househunt in Texas

So now we are in Texas. Today is the the penultimate day of our house hunting and school visiting trip. Ah yes, school. Because of North Carolina’s impermeable laws regarding domicile and in-state tuition, when my parents move to Texas, I essentially lose my residency. Therefore, I will be transferring to a Texan university. Providentially,  UT Austin has the best linguistics program in the country. And I’m a linguistics and Spanish linguistics double major (with a minor in German). So, it’s perfect! I’m visiting the school for the first time tomorrow and will hopefully transfer there the fall of junior year in 2014. the yellow house

Overall, I like Houston. Before googling it and before Mom and Dad came for a preliminary visit in April, I was concerned that it would be a dry, dusty desert land. Nope. It looks and feels like home in southeast NC, minus the beach. The landscape is marked by towering pine trees that overwhelm the scrubby underbrush tied together by roaming vines, all bursting with deep verdure and pulsating with life in the heavily humid air. The flat land reminds me of home and so do the people. The Texans at the H-E-B grocery store request your return with the same friendly Southern charm as at home. Yup, I can live here. Now if only Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods would build stores in our sector of the city… Anyone know of some local odd ingredient-carrying, health food-peddling, local grocery stores in the Jersey City area where I can find unusual grains and super health-nut-y ingredients?




  1. Thanks for the newsy update on the visit to Houston and the pending changes. UT Austin sounds like a match made in heaven. I’ve heard the campus is pretty so let us know. Enjoy your last days there and talk to you soon. (I’m sure you’ll find the right grocery there too in time). Love, Grandma L.

    1. It’s not the house I (or really anyone in the family) particularly want, but it’s the one we’re probably going to make an offer on… unless Mom and Dad decide to give up and wait for later this year, hoping something better will come on the market.

  2. Pictures are beautiful! Sounds and looks like an okay place to live. We’ll see in July or August,huh? My same question about the “yellow house”. It is even very attractive from the picture. Love, Grandma M.

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