my valentine’s day breakfast


This morning has been excellent. I woke up to the bright sun reaching through our dorm room blinds, promising that it had driven away the cold and drifting mist from yesterday. Finally, I have a new cell phone – that’s a three-week saga that must be told at some point. Carolina’s basketball team lost last night, and I care not a whit, which makes me happier than most anyone else on campus. And, my stomach felt just fine despite my having ingested vast quantities of sugar last night.


Best of all, I had cookies and milk for breakfast.


Grandma L.’s sugar cookies are out of this world. Seriously, they’re better than any I’ve ever tasted before in my life. Better than the kind you buy from a bakery or make from a Pillsbury tin. And this is after they were shipped across the country. I was more than happy to set aside my usual, sensible granola breakfast and use my cereal bowl to hold milk for dipping the cookies.


The insanely delicious cookies, an alarming number of which I snarfed down yesterday afternoon and evening, came along with other Valentine’s candy, the best of which was an enormous bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms. My grandparents know me well.


I had never tried Peanut Butter M&Ms before. They are good. The peanut butter inside is smooth and soft, and the M&Ms themselves are about the size of Peanut M&Ms. I can’t decide whether the crunch of a real peanut or the soft smoothness of the peanut butter is preferable. I think M&M should make a mixed bag with both Peanut M&Ms and Peanut Butter M&Ms. And then give me some of the profits for thinking up the brilliant idea. Yeah.


Anyway, that was my Valentine’s Day breakfast: heart-shaped, frosted sugar cookies dipped in milk and accompanied by Peanut Butter M&Ms. I should get back to homework. Midterms and papers start in earnest next week. Oh goodie gumdrops.


Happy Chocoholic’s Day, guys!

[This post is made possible in part by support from My Awesome Grandparents Inc.]



  1. Glad you are enjoying everything and the photos were gorgeous. They made the cookies and M&Ms look yummy. Hope your tummy stays good with its sudden weird change of diet. Have a great day. P.S. I think Aunt Linda and Uncle David might have needed some sugar since they probably were watching the game in despair. Love, G.L.

  2. that is not fair! i want to eat cookies for breakfast. oh by the way claire, i made cookies, about two dozen. i proceded to eat one… one mind you. i then left for about two hours. stupidly i left the cookies out with isaac and dad home. i eagerly open the door expecting lots of cookies left and to my shock and horror almost all of the cookies were gone and by almost i mean by five left. i immdeatly ate two and hid the other three which were found and two were greedly consumed by isaac i assume and i snarfed the last one in the comfort of my bed.


    P.S sorry for spelling mistakes. im only human

  3. They sounded wonderful to me also! Happy Valentine’s Day. Mom told me a little of your cell phone saga. Phew! Love, Grandma M.

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