what if I blogged in Spanish?

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I’ve had the thought bouncing around in the back of my mind for a while: What if I blogged in Spanish?

How would that change things? Would I every post include both a Spanish and English translation? That could both be cumbersome to read and time-consuming to write. Would I write one post in Spanish and the next in English?

Would I offer translations for only the recipe portion of my posts?

How would I deal with the inaccuracies that, I am certain, riddle my writing in Spanish?

Could I establish a Spanish-speaking reader base? Is there even a readership out there that would be interested in a verbose English-Spanish food blog?

Is it possible to create dual posts: ones that are connected to each other but somehow separate? Something that could be viewed in Spanish or English with the click of a button?

Is this even feasible?

You see, I have this other language in there – in my mind. During the vast majority of my day it lies dormant, waiting to jump into action. It never just leaps. So much English inertia is at work upon the proverbial box of Spanish in my brain that it must be acted upon by an outside force to get it moving. Usually, that force comes under the guise of a Spanish class. Often, though, when the Spanish class force shoves my mental box of Spanish out of storage and into my mental soup, it leaves the speaking portion behind. So, I sit in Spanish class absorbing information but somehow unable to produce quick, coherent Spanish of my own. Alas.

But it is still there, my Spanish. And gradually it is infiltrating my mental language. Words come to mind. Phrases. Sentences, even. Shouldn’t I give it a proper home, then? A place to express itself?

Would blogging help my vocabulary?

Would my readers – if they appeared – correct my Spanish? Would anyone be interested? Or just annoyed?

These are questions to which I do not have answers. Does anyone out there have experience with this?

My llamo Claire y hablo español. My name is Claire, and I speak English.

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  1. I guess you could try it once and see how many positive (or negative) responses you get. I, for sure, would not understand most of it. Always worth a try. Love, Grandma M.

  2. I guess I could have Sam or Ben (hah) translate your blogs. Would be a great exercise for them. Try it. Another option – be an au pair (not sure about spelling) for a Spanish family!!!

  3. Me gustaria disfrutar mucho comunicación contigo en español y ingles. Aunque tengo las clases en español dos veces cada semana, necesito mucha practica tambien en conversación y en composición sin la muleta de Google Translate!

    I would very much enjoy communication with you in Spanish and English. Although I have classes in Spanish twice a week, I need much practice also in conversation without the crutch of Google Translate.

    Sorry for any mistakes here – lo siento por los errores aqui – G.L.

    1. Haha! Gracias por tu apoyo, Grandma! Tu español parece excelente. Estoy de acuerdo que sería una buena practica para nosotras dos si yo escribiera en español.

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