on Italian toilet seats and entry fees

Ancient public toilets of Ostia Antica. With seats.

What do the Italians have against toilet seats? They’re a wonderful invention. They keep things from splashing up, and they allow for sitting on the toilet. If the toilet weren’t for sitting upon, why would it be in the shape of a chair? Why take them off?

You want me to pay for or leave a tip for the toilet at your restaurant after I’ve already paid for the expensive food? What? No. That’s ridiculous. I understand paying for public toilets; someone has to save them from the repulsive realm. But pay extra money to subsidize the upkeep of your restaurant’s bathroom – a basic necessity for both your workers and your customers? No way.

The Roman government provided the games at the Colosseum free to the public for 500 years. But now I have to pay an entry fee as expensive as a whole pizza? What gives?

And to hike up Vesuvius I have to pay? It’s a volcano for Pete’s sake (who is Pete, anyway?)! I’m not harming it or any precious works of art by climbing it. If anything, I’ll harm myself. Why do I have to pay to walk up a 850-meter shade-less path while being accosted by the nasty cigarette smoke from the trashy souvenir shops along the way?

Just some unanswered questions posed by a bemused traveler.



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