water and sunshine on the Amalfi Coast

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We took a day off the day after we visited Pompeii and Herculaneum, Friday. I mostly blogged, hung around the house, cooked part of lunch, and generally did nothing in particular. It was great to relax after ceaseless daily activities since arriving in Europe.

Our day of rest did not extend to the next morning however. We were packed up and in the car on our way out of Sorrento by 8:20, though we could have been ready earlier had the hotel office been open for checkout. Mom scheduled a boating, swimming, and snorkeling excursion in the Mediterranean along the Amalfi Coast, starting in Positano.

The sun beat down on the black sand and pebble beach as we waited for our little rubber boat to arrive. When it arrived our driver helped us on and grabbed the stack of towels thrown at him by another employee of the tour company. For the next three hours we boated between calm coves and cool grottos, snorkeling and swimming as we pleased. Eventually we boated far enough down to see Amalfi itself from the boat. We enjoyed the  glistening, perfectly clear and impossibly blue water and quaint towns with their staircases down the cliffs to the water.

After an unsatisfactory rinse-off in some outdoor showers across feet-burning sand, we drove straight to the airport in Rome to drop off our rental car. From there we took a taxi to our apartment in Rome, where everyone else had already assembled.

And the week in Rome began.



  1. How wonderful! Sounds like Mom did a marvelous job of planning. The last trip before Rome sounds great for your family. Have fun this week with all the family! Love, Grandma M.

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