I cleaned the oven with a vacuum cleaner

It’s true. And all I wanted to do was bake some bread.

My supper plan for yesterday evening was eggs baked in bread bowls with vegetables. It is a pretty neat, aesthetically pleasing idea, I think. Like soup in a bread bowl but easier.  I had recently spotted a recipe for some, and, as I tend to do in cases such as these, where a recipe is really quite superfluous and experimentation provides much more excitement, I planned to just snag the idea and then whip up my own version. And that I did.

As my first move towards the supper goal, I made a recipe and a half of No Knead Bread dough, which I adapted slightly by simply using whole wheat flour instead of white, of course. Instead of having to knead the dough, you just let it sit and rise for hours; therefore, I allowed my dough the the time between the hours of 11 and 4:30 to accomplish its magical task of doubling its bulk.

Around 4:15 I turned on the oven and placed both a stone baking sheet and a glass 9×13-inch pan inside. To achieve the lovely, crusty-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside texture of the bread for which I was aiming, steam is quite helpful, though not necessary. The idea is to heat up a pan, and, once the bread is in the oven, throw a cup of hot water into said – already very hot – pan to create steam. I had previously used this technique with relative success.  Anyway, while the oven heated, I shaped the dough into six rolls, which turned out rather a lot large than I had pictured in my mind. Oh well. Once they had re-risen a bit, I placed the first batch of three on the heated stone pan from the oven, slid them onto the top rack, and confidently tossed my boiling hot water into the glass pan below. It shattered. One might even say it exploded.  Happily for me, I had stepped back to slam the oven door shut in order to trap the anticipated steam, so I escaped without being impaled.  Not so happily, the oven and a good 3/4 of the kitchen floor were littered with bakeware shrapnel of every size.

Determined to bake my bread and finish supper regardless, I removed the largest chunks from the oven, poured hot water into a reliably indestructible metal cake pan, and set the timer. While the bread baked, Mother and I swept and vacuumed the entire kitchen floor, to the the farthest reaches of which bits of glass had somehow traveled. I ended up with six beautiful rolls.

In three of them I baked an egg with garlic, tomatoes, spinach, salt, pepper, and a bit of cheese, much to my satisfaction.

After supper the older of my younger brothers and I dashed off to see  Hunger Games – for the record, the worst movie I have seen in my life – so I had no time to clean the oven after it cooled.

Therefore, before I began baking granola and toasting almonds for almond butter, I cleaned the oven. I wiped it down, vacuumed it twice, picked glass out from the grating below it, and then re-vacuumed the floor. I felt a bit silly.

The moral of this story: the temperature difference between a glass pan heated to 450°F and water at 212°F is too great for the structural integrity of a glass pan to be maintained.

Ah well, at least I got supper out of it all.

And a few minutes ago I broke a canning jar. I’m hopeless.



  1. Yes, you are hopeless. What are you going to have when I come to visit? As long as it is edible, it will be fine. I have had some delicious meals of spinach salad with my homemade dressing (of course). Or a garden salad with Caesar dressing. Would you believe I just used my last carrot from last year’s garden? It tasted and looked fine. Don’t know if it had any vitamins left in it, but it was good in my salad. I was also in the mood for German potato salad which I’m sure I hadn’t made for three years at a minimum. I saw the recipe when I was looking for the spinach dressing. I had a baked potato that Shawn had given me and I had not eaten. It was great! Just right for two meals. Of course I always top it off with asparagus steamed with salt, pepper, butter and lemon or baked after steaming with butter and freshly grated Parmesan or cut up raw in my salad. I also had my first three radishes today. Yum! I pick the asparagus twice a day and get about 38 spears at each picking. Enough and to bed. See you soon. Love, Grandma M.

  2. I haven’t managed to plan that far ahead to know what we’ll be having when you come. Asparagus, I’m sure; we are getting a lot right now! It sounds like you’re eating some delicious meals! I can’t believe that carrot! Yup, see you soon. Hopefully you’ll be here just in time for the goat births.

  3. I actually really liked the hunger games, i went on opening day! That’s a good topic for discussion at Cousins’ Camp because Alex saw it too.

    1. Yes it will be a good topic for discussion, because I can’t for the life of me figure out why people like it. We’ll have to remember so we can discuss it.

    2. Well if this is going to be a disscussion at cousin’s camp I better see it (personally it doesn’t sound amazing.)

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