our spartan kitchen: chocolate banana freeze

I like to think that I have been on some sort of pseudo-healthy desserts kick recently. In reality I have only tried two pudding-like recipes, both of which pleased me immensely. So, I decided to create my own. Somewhere in my recipe browsing I had noted the idea of throwing frozen bananas in a food processor to create an instant ice cream-like dessert. I liked the concept, but it seemed a bit dull. Naturally, I turned to chocolate, the solution to all the world’s problems, including that of bland bananas. I am very much my father’s daughter. For that matter, I am also my grandmother’s granddaughter; the blood on that side of my family runs thick with chocolate and olive oil. Anyway, I did not satisfy myself with that typical weak and pathetic cocoa powder of that color reminiscent of the brown haze of distant air pollution. No, no! I knew from the aforementioned puddings that the average brown dust would produce a flavor and color akin that of chocolate milk: one just chocolatey enough to compound a passing fancy for something chocolatey and transform it into a profound need for rich, dark chocolate. No, I used the dark variety, the true, pure chocolateness of 100% specialty dark cocoa powder.

I tossed 4 or so frozen bananas in our food processor. Happily for me, we keep a ready supply of super-sweet, overripe bananas in our freezer. I just thawed them slightly, peeled them, and refroze them.

I added 4 tablespoons of milk (almond in this case; that’s another kick I’ve been on), so the food processor had some liquid to work with, and 3 tablespoons of the magical, wonderful dark cocoa powder (which looks less dramatically deep in hue in my picture).

After blending it until the bananas, chocolate, and milk melded together in smooth creaminess, I carefully spatula’d as much of the soft ice cream-like freeze into two cups as humanly possible before finishing my cleaning of the food processor container with a spoon. Waste not want not!

The sweetness of the banana is perfectly proportionate to the slight bitterness of the chocolate, just as balance  of banana and chocolate flavors is just as it should be. Yum.



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