southward again

I believe I may have neglected to mention that I am going to Guatemala. Well, I am, and now you know.

Grandma and Grandpa L., with whom I have been living these past several weeks, had already planned a trip to the fine Central American country to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins, who live there. When it became apparent that my jobternship would extend up until their departure date, they invited me along. I happily accepted the proposal, but, naturally, had to come up with some sort of constructive activity in which to participate in order to convince my dear parental units that I would not be without employment during our 10 days there. Uncle Tom, eternal spring of volunteer and travel ideas for tourists like myself that he is, promptly discovered and secured a spot for me to help serve – and perhaps prepare! – daily lunch at a senior center. Although the place is run by expats, I shall doggedly refuse to relinquish my rather unrealistic hope that the only language spoken there will be Spanish.

We begin our treck tomorrow after lunch, when we will start leisurely driving to San Francisco. After a scheduled stop at IKEA for furniture perusal and bit of window shopping nearby, we will spend the night in the city and fly out Wednesday morning at a reasonable hour. I am looking forward to speaking some Spanish again and seeing some of my bilingual extended family. Have I ever mentioned that all of my cousins – on both sides of my family – are bilingual? They are. (Of course, I do only have five first cousins.) The boys and I are the odd monolinguals out, a tragic fact I am attempting to remedy at least on my own part.



  1. Happy travels!! Your mom and dad told me you were given permission to go. Sounds like another “good” experience–preparing lunch for the Senior Citizens. You will have done quite a variety of things. And what better way to practice your Spanish. See you in April! Love, Grandma M.

  2. There’s a tired old joke about language: If you speak 3 languages you are tri-lingual, if you speak 2 languages you are bi-lingual, if you speak 1 language you are American.

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