olive oil and chocolate

I can’t say I’m really thrilled with how these first two effusive, excessive little paragraphs have turned out. I would much prefer to be perfectly honest and critical. However, being permitted to compose a more candid review would only change the chocolate write-up. Everything I say in the olive oil one is my true opinion, albeit embellished and exaggerated. That, people, is what I must write: super preppy, happy, positive descriptions or no descriptions at all. So, read on and laugh to yourselves at the thought of any of this coming out of my mouth, because you’ll never hear it in real life.


The Olive Oil Pantry and Tasting Room

This fine boutique offering an incredible selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars along with specialty food items will enthrall foodies and occasional cooks alike. Head over to The Olive Oil Pantry to receive an education for your palette from enthusiastic owner Arnie Kaufman. Sample and purchase any of the 28 aged balsamic vinegars or 24 extra virgin olive oils available. Besides olive oils from Greece, Chile, and three olive-growing regions of Italy, The Olive Oil Pantry offers herb-infused olive oils including such as rich oregano and basil flavors. The flavor experience of the olive oils extends beyond herbs to garlic and mushroom, jalapeño, and lemon olive oils, just a few examples of the broad range of flavor options. As if the olive oils were not sufficiently impressive, another entire wall of The Olive Oil Pantry is lined with balsamic vinegars in every type of fruit flavor imaginable – apricot, fig, pineapple, passion fruit, orange, pomegranate, and more! – along with an incredibly thick and sweet traditional balsamic. The fruit flavors are so uncannily perfect you will want some flavored balsamics to pour on pancakes. You will never go back to the bitter, uninteresting taste of an everyday grocery store balsamic after you have sampled these. Both the olive oils and balsamic vinegars are hand-bottled before your eyes in the store in a shapely glass bottle in a size of your choosing, priced at $5.95 to 19.95. In addition to the olive oils and balsamic vinegars around which the store revolves, The Olive Oil Pantry offers a wide variety of sauces, salts, pastas, honeys, and tapenades, as well as soothing, organic olive oil lotions and soaps. Stop by The Olive Oil Pantry and Tasting Room from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. any day.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The glorious aroma of chocolaty air washes over you in wonderful, tantalizing waves as soon as you walk in the door at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, only hinting at all the deliciousness contained within this chocolate lover’s heaven. A wide range of chocolates and chocolate covered delights fill the shop. From chocolate dipped pretzels to fudge to chocolate covered nut clusters and fruits to caramels and creams, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory offers all you need and more to satisfy your most intense chocolate cravings. Their widest selection of flavors – more than a dozen – are available in truffle form. Their ancho chile truffle’s little kick of chile pepper lingers with the smooth chocolate ganache filling, while the pumpkin spice truffle evokes visions of grandmothers’ home cooking on crisp fall days. Most of an entire display case is devoted to sugar-free versions of select sweets – including toffee, truffles, and nut clusters – from their wide traditional selection. Do not forget to try one of their enormous, house-made candied apples crusted with almonds, mini chocolate candies, marshmallows and caramel, or other delectable topping options. Choose a decorative box of pre-selected chocolates and a bouquet of red foil-wrapped chocolate roses for a beautiful, tasty gift that will not fade, or select chocolates you know your valentine will love for a personalized, scrumptious gift. Drop by the store Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.



  1. Wow! I live here and these two descirptions have made me think I’ve never been in these shops. I’m eager to go back and experience these two again! I enjoyed them before but I was in a rush both times. Obviously I need to return and savor their atmosphere and delicacies. Grandma L.

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