finally, my jobternship

jobternship (job’turn·ship) n – a temporary arrangement whereby a volunteer simultaneously participates in a job shadow and functions as an intern at a specific organization or company

Claire L. “Jobternship.” Claire’s Common Dictionary. 5th ed. Vol. 3. Isolation Point: Claire L., 2012. 471. Print.


Today, two weeks after I arrived in California, I met with a lady from the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau of this town to arrange how my jobternship is going to work and to find out more about what I will be doing. This is is Plan D of [general] Plan C.

As I mentioned previously, my original jobternship – for which I flew out here two weeks ago – was intended to be, according to the woman organizing it, “building website links on the internet and writing articles and blogs regarding the business.” After accomplishing the required fingerprinting on Wednesday the 17th, I waited around for a meeting to be arranged with the business. On Tuesday the 24th, however, my jobternship organizing lady called to inform me that the business could not do it. There had been communication confusion. The business was looking for local kids to have as interns and subsequently hire. They had not thought to ask the organizing organization nor had it occurred to my lady to mention my non-resident status in California. Furthermore, the business is in the process of changing office buildings and will be working out of a coffee shop for the next two months or so. Both the business and my lady felt really bad about the whole thing. I shrugged and listened for secondary options.

The thrown-together jobternship opportunities that presented themselves were either working with the campaign of a local politician running for city counsel or helping a lady who publishes a monthly advertising periodical, basically, an ad pack. Helping out with a political campaign sounded marginally less uninteresting to me, so I selected that option as Plan B. Of course, a few days later it became apparent that there would not be much to do with the political campaign since the election is local and not until November. Plan B transformed into Plan C: namely, jobtern with both the ad pack and the political campaign in order to meet the 36-hour goal set by the organization setting everything up.

This past Friday the 27th I received an unexpected call from my jobternship lady, who relayed yet another possibility for a jobternship – the best yet! A plan was made for me to meet someone at the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau on Monday at 12:30. That is what I did today. Our meeting solidified my role at the Bureau: For four to six hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays I will make suggestions and help with their social networking enterprises and also interview select local restaurant owners, perhaps after sampling some of their food, in order to write up one to two-paragraph blurbs about the restaurants. I will also help out with the huge Women’s Conference in mid-February. My homework before I start on Wednesday is to look at the websites of other Visitor’s Bureaus in the area to find anything I think would be helpful to add to their website. It is perfect! I am looking forward to it.



  1. Wow! I am happy for you. Sounds like you are even happier. Hopefully it will go well. I know you will do a good job. You may be staying in Manteca a little longer but I’ll bet G & G are happy. Are you allowed to do a little cooking there at “home” also?

    I also loved your look at the roads in the area article. I couldn’t comment that night. Wouldn’t let me. I have a wierd computer, as you know.

    Grandma M.

    1. You’re right, Grandma, I’m quite pleased with the arrangement. And, yes, I am cooking a bit here; not nearly as much as at home, but some. This afternoon I’ve made blueberry cookies and some sandwich bread.
      Sorry you couldn’t comment. Strange. Glad you enjoyed the post, though!

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