back to it

After a layover for Christmas and New Year’s, my gap year has begun to pick up speed and soon will have returned to its cruising altitude, whence I shall turn on my electronic devices and continue to blog.

Speaking of flying, on Monday I will wing my way across the continental US  to California for  the start of my fourish-week mentorship out there. Just yesterday I received an email from the people organizing the mentorship that informed me they had located a business with which I could work “building website links on the internet and writing articles and blogs regarding the business,” according to them. It sounds at least mildly interesting to me. But, before I can start, I have to get fingerprinted in California so they can assure themselves that they are not allowing some criminal to infiltrate the inner workings of an innocent Californian company. Naturally, the police office only offers fingerprinting services two days a week for a few hours. Therefore, I am being shipped out as soon as is feasible in order to get myself fingerprinted and background checked and be ready for my first day of the much anticipated job shadow by Monday the 23rd, if not mid week next week.

While some nice but unfamiliar Californians were arranging my job shadow, a pair of transplant Ohioan/West Virginians – namely, my extremely helpful and supportive paternal grandparents – spoke to the man who runs the nonprofit “meeting the basic needs of families in [their] community,” who conveniently and coincidentally attends their church. Apparently, he enthusiastically confirmed that he could use an additional volunteer and perhaps even find a purpose for my Spanish. So, much to the satisfaction of my parents, who have worried ceaselessly since 10th grade lest I should have too little to do, I should be able to fill a sufficient percentage of the hours of each day with some sort of constructive activity.

Here I am at the edge of another semester of gap year adventure. And you know what? As long as I’ll still have time to cook, I think I’m ready.



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