plan C

I should and do verbally refer to it as “Plan G,” but “Plan C” is more accurate.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have another plan.

And I am not going to Panama.

Perhaps you recall that I never was exactly thrilled at the whole Panama idea. ‘Tis true. Once I returned home from Peru, my distaste for the idea only strengthened. I did not like the prospect of being gone for five months. Not one bit. Three months in Peru was sufficient. Five months is too long, at least after having been gone three already.
The determining factor appeared in a expectations and packing list sent by YWAM in Panama (oh yea, I was accepted; I forgot to mention that). It informed me that I should refrain from brining anything over which I would be distraught if the humidity ruined said item. It specified computers. It was too much. No computer would mean no blogging with ease, no skype, no picture uploading, NO CONTACT WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD! Momentary panic ensued. I ran around the house seven times, screaming. I exaggerate, at least about the running and screaming.
After I expressed my rather strong opinions to the parents and consented to come up with a viable alternative, they agreed to release me from the Panama half of my gap year. Hallelujah! Following a few glorious moments of mental relief and freedom, I was locked in my room without my supper and chained infront of my computer, to be left until I came up with a Plan C. I kid. (What’s wrong with me? My natural sobriety has disappeared with the sunlight this depressingly dark winter evening!) In reality, we tossed ideas back and forth in the kitchen over the course of days and perhaps two weeks. Eventually, when the deadline came around for me to write Chapel Hill again to reconfirm my deferral, I wrote up what was then a tentative, somewhat idealistic plan and what soon became The Plan. Plan C. The second half 2.0.

In theory, I will participate in a job shadow/mentorship in some sort of journalism environment whilest living with the Grandparents L. in California for 3-4 weeks while volunteering at some nonprofit in my spare time, hopefully exercising my Spanish-speaking faculties. Then, I shall return home and intern at a restaurant for threeish months and, yet again, volunteer speaking Spanish at an organization that provides services to the Latino community around here.

There you have it! I have already applied for the mentorship; the Californian nonprofit has been located; the restaurant has been preliminarily contacted; and I left a message with the Latino organization here. I must extend my sincerest thanks to Grandma and Grandpa L. for coming up with the entirety of the plan for the California part of Plan C and also to Father for more or less inventing the other half! What would I do without them? Let me tell you: I would be in Panama. No thank you. Praise God for parents and grandparents!

I am now officially looking forward to the second half of my gap year. It should be fun! Just as soon as I finish making phone calls and am actually installed in my various mentorships, internships, and organizations, that is.


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