Cusco: a study in food – savory pastries

Okay, guys, here is another, albeit much more brief, part of the food series I started from Peru. I have two more posts in the works before the series ends – and before I will let myself post on any other topic, I might add – that I will hopefully be posting within the next week.

Name: pastel de acelga
Composition: Flakey puff pastry surrounding swiss chard boiled egg. It is like quiche but with boiled eggs.
Opinion: Very tasty! I like quiche. And I like this.



Name: salteña
Composition: Soft, bready pastry filled with ground, peas, carrots, onions, and potatoes in a slightly spicy sauce. It’s like a shepherd’s pie with a kick.
Opinion: This is my second favorite savory pastry. I love it!



Name: empanada de carne
Composition: Soft and bready or flakey puff pastry (depends on the pastry shop) filled with beef, onions, and spices, if not a few vegetable bits.
Opinion: My absolute favorite savory pastry. For a long time it was a toss-up between this an the salteña, but I finally realized that my true allegiance lies with the amazing empanada de carne.



Name: empanada de pollo
Composition: Bready or flakey pastry dough filled with chicken bits, onions, carrot bits, and spices.
Opinion: Very tasty.



Name: empanada de ají de gallina
Composition: Puffy but flakey pastry filled with shredded chicken in a creamy, slightly spicy yellow sauce.
Opinion: Amazing!



Name: empanada de queso
Composition: A soft, dough pastry with melted-then-resolidified cheese sticking to the bottom inside the pastry.
Opinion: Boring. Blah. Not worth eating.



Name: empanada mixta (de queso y jamón)
Composition: Bits of ham and once-melted cheese in a flakey puff pastry.
Opinion: Dry and uninteresting.



Name: enrollado de hot dog
Composition: Puffy but soft and doughy pastry surrounding an unnaturally pink hot dog. It is like a giant pig in a blanket.
Opinion: Hot dogs, even covered in pastry bread, are disgusting.



Name: bruschetta integral
Composition: Half a whole wheat French bread loaf with pizza sauce, peppers, olives, onions, and melted cheese. It tastes like pizza with peppers and olives.
Opinion: I do not like peppers and olives on my pizza, and therefore did not like this. Some of my friends, however, were positively obsessed with it.



Name: enrollado de queso
Composition: Melted-then-solidified cheese with a bit of herbs on bread. Like an outisde-in empanada de queso.
Opinion: Unappetizing to look at and not much better to eat.



  1. At last. It wouldn’t let me comment at first. Yeah! It is not over! We get to hear from the food expert again and again. That French bread with pizza sauce sounded good to me. I like olives and peppers on pizza. I may even try it. And you just posted this tonight after I talked with you. Sneaky!
    Grandma M.

  2. Wow it started out good and then blah blah blah for the last half! I started reading from the bottom (I just woke up – there really is no explaination) and was starting to give up hope of a tasty pastry in Peru! You should try to re-create these. It can’t be THAT hard…

    1. Hey, you’re right! It does get more boring from the bottom to the top. I was just desperate to post it. It’s been looming over my head for weeks. Perhaps I shall edit a few of them.

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