home. hallelujah!

I am home. And I like it.

Actually, as impossible as it is for me to comprehend, I have been home for slightly more than a week. Even more oddly, I feel like I never left. Peru seems like some crazy, delicious dream. It is weird how memory works.

My plane touched down at 1:44pm on Sunday the 11th, 13 minutes early. That plane certainly did not originate in Peru, though. No, no, no. Here is how my unnecessarily complicated trip home played out:

Cusco -> Lima -> Quito, Ecuador -> Miami airport -> a hotel -> Miami airport -> Charlotte -> Home

It really was not too bad. LAN, the airline I flew to Miami, provided the greatest quantity and best quality of food and entertainment I have experienced on any airlines ever. They served a hot meal, despite the fact that the flight had left at 7:35pm, with real cutlery (how dangerous; someone could have been stabbed!) and ceramic dinnerware!

A roll, rice with zucchini ribbons, beef in beefy sauce with peas, and flan!

Furthermore, the personal seat-back entertainment system on the flight to Miami offered 52 movies, 92 TV programs, games, and a few other options! And the coach class seats reclined sufficiently to keep your head from falling forward if you fell asleep! It was incredible. Also, I rather enjoyed spending the night in the quite nice hotel (thank you, Daddy!) by myself. Best of all, I acquired an Ecuadorian stamp on my passport!

Quito: it looked a lot like Cusco, only less mountainous and much bigger and greener.

My friends Hannah and Anna met me at the airport at home. As promised, they brought me pumpkin muffins! Yum!  My family came to the airport also, but since my plane was early and they were not, they arrived a few minutes after I did. Twas amusing.

Amongst other things, I ate a big, wonderful salad – my first proper salad in nearly three months – for supper on Sunday.

Since then, I have run, helped out with Hannah’s piano recital (I mentioned she teaches piano, right? She’s so cool.), petted Sasha, eaten, cooked, played Monopoly, repeated to mother things I have heard on NPR, seen more of my friends, baked, gone to church, and cooked and eaten some more. It has been wonderful!


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  1. Glad you are home also. Sounds as if you had a good trip home in spite of the length. Why should I dread the long flight to California? You, too, were by yourself. So, I’ll see you soon. Love, Grandma M.

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