Lake Titicaca and Puno trip

I very much enjoyed my trip to Lake Titicaca and Puno this past weekend. Here are some pictures that, I hope, sum it all up.



  1. Wow! Five funnel clouds. That is amazing. Great pictures. What? No lunch pictures? :)

    Sounds like you will be returning home with some casino cookie samples?

    Love you

  2. I couldn’t comment last night, but now it tells me to. I loved the stories you gave and what fantastic pictures! You can become a writer or a photographer or both. Maybe I’ve told you that already.
    I loved hearing about your stay in general. Mom said you are walking around Cusco by yourself today. Sometimes being by yourself is probably okay. You can do what you want and not have to conform to the group. Love, Grandma M.

    1. You are exactly right about walking around by myself. When I am just exploring I much prefer to be alone than in a group. Yesterday´s exploring session was quite sucessful, too. I found a church, a gym, several markets, a pastry shop, and a huge crafts/food/furniture/books/everything fair.

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