my weekends in Cusco

My weekends are never the same here. The easiest way for me to show you what I’ve done so far is to provide you with this gallery of pictures in chronological order. I think it encompasses four weekends. Yea. That sounds right. I did not, as you may observe, delineate between weekends in my captions. I have no excuse for that other than laziness. I could go back and do it now but I would rather just get this post posted, as I have been trying to do just that for three our four days now. So, you will just have to guess how much I did what weekend.

And now that you have seen that, let me inform you what I am doing this weekend: I have no idea. Okay, so that is not quite true. Tonight at 9 I am getting on a bus. I will be on that bus until 5am tomorrow morning. I will hopefully sleep on that bus, but I seriously doubt that will happen. At 5am I will stumble off said bus in a sleep-deprivation-induced stupor into the town of Puno, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world (or so “they” say). The host mom of my two traveling companions, American Joe and German Anna, is organizing/has organized the trip for us. Consequently, or perhaps rather irrelevantly, I have no idea what we are going to be doing and seeing in Puno. Hopefully we will visit some of the floating reed islands on which people have traditionally lived. Who knows. Regardless, we will spend Saturday night somewhere in Puno, continue doing whatever there is to do on Sunday, and return on another redeye bus on Sunday night, arriving back in Cusco around 5am Monday morning. Thankfully, Monday is a holiday for us Spanish school students(not because of Halloween, but because Day of the Dead is Tuesday, and it makes more sense to have a long weekend than to have a single day off in the middle of the week) , so I can catch up on all the sleep I will have lost on the trip. So, there you have it: a preview of my weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!



  1. Great photo journal blog! Love seeing all the places you’re visiting, things you’re eating and drinking. Hope your Lake Titicaca excursion is a great one. Love you and miss you. Grandma L

  2. Okay, couple of comments: 1) I thought you hated museums! 2) I am detecting a trend that centers around the pastry shop near you – I think you will go thru withdrawals when you have to leave that sweet little place :) and 3) only you would go into a clothing shop and come out with only a pair of socks – so practical!! Hope your weekend on the redeyes surpasses your expectations. Love ya and miss ya!! Alison B

    1. 1) I do still hate museums, but I felt that I should do my duty as a tourist and at least visit the few that were highly reccomended by my Peru book. 2) Yea, the people at the pastry place definately recognize me now, and I am definately going to miss the pastries when I return home. I think I just might have to do some serious excercising, too, to recover from all the carbo goodness I have been consuming. 3) Well, the only thing I needed was socks, so… :)

    1. Yes, I did! I was eating lunch when it happened; the house sort of swayed back and forth gently but obviously for some seconds. We got up to stand in a doorway and felt a few small aftershocks from there. It was the first earthquake I´d ever felt! I was so pleased!

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