breakfast, lunch, and dinner

I will just say it straight away: I like the food here. In fact, I like it quite a lot. I have not eaten anything truly disgusting yet and cannot think of a single meal or food I did not enjoy at least a bit.

Breakfast: Gone are the days of peanut butter and jelly on the ubiquitous round rolls; now I eat jelly or nutella on the ubiquitous round rolls! Ha! We were running out of peanut butter and in my desperation to find an alternative to just margarine or jelly, I purchased some nutella. The next day I found two stores that sold peanut butter. Arg. Nevertheless, nutella makes the somewhat monotonous breakfasts very tolerable. I love nutella. But I love peanut butter more. In addition to my two bread rounds, I imbibe some hot beverage every morning; usually it is the oatmeal drink I described previously, but on occasion it is tea. Once this week I had hot chocolate!

Lunch, the main meal of the day (I suppose I should call it dinner, but as I never have called lunch “dinner,” no matter how large, I have no intention of doing so now), is predictably, wonderfully delicious. And I have not eaten a repeat meal yet. A sampling of some lunch menus:
– Boiled maize (corn with huge kernels) with a chunk of cheese, pumpkin soup, and pasta with alfredo sauce and pieces of hot dog.
– Three mini quesadilla rolls, spinach soup with a hint of mint, and rice with potatoes, lima beans, and carrots in an orange-colored sauce of milk, eggs, and other unknown ingredients.
– Anchovy, tomato, and onion salad, two boiled potatoes, and spaghetti with a sauce of spices and beef bits and peas.
– Noodle soup with carrots, chicken, and potatoes, followed by pan fried potato halves and similarly cooked chicken with onion, tomato, and parsley salad on the side.
– Quinoa soup with beef, carrots, and potatoes with avocado on the side, followed by a potato and half a boiled egg cradled in a lettuce leaf and covered in a slightly spicy peanut sauce.
– Boiled corn kernels and cheese, a creamy oat or corn meal soup with carrots and mini French fries for garnish, and ají de gallina, shredded chicken and potato chunks in a creamy, yellow sauce.

Supper really depends on the day. As of late, I have been doing various things in the late afternoons and evenings with a consistent group of people. Sometimes we play soccer versus some Peruvians. Regardless of what we do beforehand, we usually end up eating out somewhere in the city, frequently at a chifa place, and playing the card game Capitalist. Sometimes I will tell Adela I am going to eat “en un restaurante con mis amigos,” so she will not leave me some leftover lunch to eat for supper. Other times I will sit, talk, and play cards with everyone but wait to eat the food Adela left me when I return home. Occasionally, if I do not feel like eating chifa, I will buy myself a pastry of some sort on the way home and eat that. It really does depend upon the day.

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of most of the food I have eaten, mainly because I almost always eat breakfast and lunch with Adela and do not take pictures of her food around her. That would be rather odd, I think. ‘Hey, Adela, don’t mind me, I’m just taking close-up pictures of absolutely everything you make. Just keep eating your food there. I’ll just be a moment.’ Ya. No. Therefore, the pictures that I do have are of foods I have purchased or of the few times I have eaten in the house without Adela.



  1. Is dismembered a word? Seriously, some of the food looks, and sounds, delectable. Not sure I could consume/drink the hot oatmeal ‘soup’ nor the cow heart. Glad you find the food not only edible but enjoyable (notice the alliteration, haha). When you get a chance, send me your address so we can send you care packages from time to time. But be forewarned – what we send might not be super nutritious. Miss you.

  2. Hi, I love the description of your meals. I’m glad you like them. You know, I think your preparation for all that was the meals you were cooking at home. You prepared something different every time you cooked and it seemed the meals were liked by most all and especially you. You had an appreciation for different things that are actually good. Not everyone would do that. Sounds as if you are fitting into the group also. That is good. That is a good way to learn about others in a foreign country and it sounds as if they come from various countries. Wonderful! You will be so well travelled by staying in one place. I am going to devour the pictures one at a time now. Since it takes so long I thought I’d write the note first. I am packed to go to Philly to have a fall break in the east. Uncle Jeff and I are going to NY on Friday. Victoria has a volleyball tournament Sat. and Sun. It should be a fun weekend. Love, Grandma P.S. and thanks for the wonderful birthday surprise!

  3. Utterly amazing!! I loved the pictures and the mouth-watering descriptions. All of the pastries looked totally decadent and delicious. I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to eat the cow heart pieces thing…..but you made it sound yummy. Glad you are not starving for lack of good food there. Nutella can be a nutritious spread (according to the commercials anyway). Tastes too good to be nutritious but what do I know. Love you, Grandma

    1. Yea, the first ingredient in nutella is sugar, so I doubt it is really nutritious. In fact, I read somewhere that someone was trying to sue nutella for that commercial because it is so untrue. But, I don’t care! It tastes SO good!

  4. peanut butter+nutella= an amazing sensation (i know it sounds weird but a friend told me about it at lunch last year)!!

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