hiking to Cristo Blanco

This past Monday I joined some of my fellow Spanish school students for a hike to Cristo Blanco. Cristo Blanco, as the name implies, is a white Jesus statue that stands atop a large hill above and behind Cusco, in the style of the Brazilian Christ the Redeemer statue, only much smaller and less imposing. Monday’s weather, at least during our hike up, was sunny and pleasant (Cusco is always pleasant when it’s sunny) – perfect for a hike. We started from Cusco’s main plaza, the Plaza de Armas, and walked up hill from larger street to smaller street to steep stairs to dirt paths. It did not take us more than an hour. After we photographed the statue and the view, good resident tourists that we were, we found a relatively flat plot of grass down a hill behind the statue and juggled a soccer ball for a good hour or two. We descended via a cobblestone road just as dusk began to fall and the sky to drizzle. We found one of the hundreds of chifa (Peruvian Chinese food: much less gloopy than American Chinese food) restaurants where some people ate supper while we all played a game of Scum (or Capitalist, as everyone here calls it; it’s a good more-than-four-person card game), the card game of choice played incessantly by us Spanish school students. I returned home to my supper of delectable lunch leftovers around 9. ‘Twas an exceedingly enjoyable day.

From Claire's Peru Panoramas


  1. Loved all your posts today!! It brought us up to speed on what you’ve been doing and what things you’ve been doing. The hike to Christo Blanco looked very daunting especially at that altitude! Your pictures are great and the descriptions even better. Thanks for persevering with the blog even when it takes a while to organize your posts.

    I couldn’t open all the way your post about the hike (the written part). It cut off some of your words. Don’t know why. All the pictures came across fine. But we got the jist of what you said. Love you. Grandma L.

  2. Well….I figured out what I was doing wrong and now can read the entire script of your blog on the hike. Hiking and then playing soccer sounds like a quite energetic day to say the least. Love. G.L.

  3. I have enjoyed each of your blogs that I received today. I have enjoyed the pictures immensely. I did go do something else while a picture came up and then the same for the next. I saw every one of them. It sounds as if you are beginning to find some friends and doing some things you enjoy. I am happy for you. If I read you wrong then start to enjoy now.
    I sent a note today, the 28th. Let’s see how long it takes to reach to you. I used the address your mom gave me–to the school.
    Love you, Grandma

  4. that sounds lovely Claire… In the drizzle with your hair all frizzled in the dusky evening in the lovely Peru which is not a place where robbers dwell. Just kidding.


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