the walk to school

Though I had to trudge through a steady drizzle to get to school this morning, the rain cleared up and the sun came out around 11. Therefore, when I returned to school about an hour ago, I took pictures of the beautiful scenery I catch glimpses of and other, rather more dusty things, I see on my walk to school multiple times a day. Of course, pictures really do not do the mountains justice, but, alas, that is the medium I have to work with. I think teleportation might be more convenient.

I really do plan to write up an actual post about Cusco within the next few days; really, I do! For now, however, as cliché as it may sound, I think pictures can suffice, at least temporarily, for thousands of words.



  1. Well, it’s not NYC, but you are waking the streets! Thanks for the photos. My favorite so far is the one of you hunched over in your cold room your first night there. That was a great one for the pic being worth a thousand words!

  2. Just read through all of your entries. Found myself chuckling quite a few times – your word usage truly cracks me up! Several comments – yes, I see you are like your mom in a number of ways (a good thing, she’s quite a woman); confirmation that Ellen had a fantastic writing tutor last year; museums/etc. are (still) not your “thingy”; presentation isn’t everything – the food not only has to look good but taste good as well. I, like your mom, love the photo of you with the gloves/mittens. I think I can see you shivering :) I am very glad you arrived safely, your host family was there to greet you, and you now have a coat. Miss you. Community group tomorrow night will be a little strange without you. But, alas, we shall survive! Take care and avoid OBM.

  3. The sun is certainly strong higher up so you might be getting a lot of sunburn (know that from Utah). But the pictures are all really nice. Looks like a peaceful little city?

  4. Yeah! Uncle Jeff showed me how to get the pictures. I really enjoyed them. It was sort of an experiment for him also, but he is braver than I. I am really enjoying them. Thank you so much.
    And how is school? That may come in the next day or two.
    Love, Grandma

    1. I do feel the altitude a bit, but not nearly as much as I expected. I think if I walked slower I wouldn’t notice at all, but as it is, I outpace most Peruvians and do end up breathing hard every now and then.

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