photographs of and relating to Lima

Please say something in the comments section if you would like to see a picture of some particular place or thing in Lima that I described in my previous post and did not include here. Maybe I will do another Lima pictures post if you people really want to see more.

On a train (from an airport to a bus to a bus to an airport)!

I. LOVE. airplane. food! Here we have a delectable tortellini dish with salad, a roll, and an oreo-infused brownie.

The gorgeous interior of el Museo Andés de Castillo (the one with the rocks and artifacts).

Dad's tacu tacu at Domus restaurant.

My chicken dish at Domus.

The view from part way up the Huaca Huallamarca pyramid thingy. Observe the buildings: it is in the midst of everything.

My causa vegeteriana verde from Mi Causa restaurant. Thinking about it makes me feel sick; I don't know why. I only ate the green potato stuff and avoided the sickening stuff around it. Whatever.

Father and I above the Puruchuco non-ruins. They are so restored they look brand new...ish. Still quite interesting, though.



  1. Sadly, I don’t get any pictures on my computer. It may be because I don’t have that program. I do get pictures that Breht sends of the kids etc. I’ll ask Jeff about it while he is here.
    Love, Grandma

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