Cusco: the first few days

Well, I thought I’d uploaded more pictures, but alas I did not, apparently. And now I must go home because the school is about to close for the night. Perhaps I will be able to add more pictures or just do another post tomorrow. We shall see. Hope this gives you a little window into my life for the past few days.



  1. Well, I couldn’t see any pictures, but the comments were worth it. Some day I will see them, I hope.
    I usually post a comment. Do you get them okay?

  2. Great pictures!! Very similar in some ways to Guatemala. That last picture of the chocolate thing looked absolutely wonderful!! Sorry the temperature in Cusco is somewhat less balmy than North Carolina (tongue in cheek). Hope the warm clothing available in the markets or layers and layers help until you become acclimated. The school looks nice and I hope the people in the school are nice too. I’m going to send you an email to your new email address to see if you get it. Love you, Grandma

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