we arrived

We’re here in Lima! Our trip was quite uneventful, definitely undelayed, and really rather enjoyable, I thought. Praise God! Here is a brief summary:

– Woke up at 5:30 am and drove to the airport from our hotel; it took about 4 minutes.
– Checked in and ate a scone and muffin for breakfast (Dad and I, respectively).
– Figured out that our flight landed in Ft. Lauderdale and the next one left out of Miami. whoops.
– Flew to Ft. Lauderdale, disembarked, and retrieved our luggage without any hassel.
– Easily caught a bus to a train (one with two levels and a nice view) to a bus to the Miami airport.
– Walked rather a long way to find our check-in counter and checked in.
– Briefly observed the strange people who decide to pay $15 to get their suitcases saran wrapped.
– Ate a sandwich and a muffin and spinach croissant-like thing (Dad, me, respectively) for lunch in a Barnes and Nobles-like bookstore.
– Wandered down to our gate and sat there for an hour and a half or so.
– Hopped on the plane and flew out promptly at 4:30.
– Waited in eager expectation for a promised in-flight dinner to be served.
– Ate a snack and then supper (I LOVE airplane meals! Always have, probably always will!).
– Did not watch the dumb-looking movie, Arthur, that was playing.
– Attempted to sleep. And failed.
– Reviewed some Spanish grammar for approximately 52 seconds.
– Landed, cleared immigration, and picked up our baggage.
– Saw some apparently famous singers in the baggage area and walked past their chanting, cheering fans outside.
– Got a taxi for a reasonable rate.
– Noted a somewhat excessive amount of PDA on the taxi ride to the hotel.
– Was surprised by the mildness of the taxi’s driving.
– Checked in to the hotel and immediately consumed the crackers and chocolate provided.
– Zapped some water with my super water zapper thingy and drank it.
– Hoped and prayed that the water zapper works.
– Got on the computer to post this.

And now, to bed!



  1. Great to hear that you’ve arrived and all went well. Hope the water zapper worked fine and that now your exploration of Lima can begin. I read something the other day in a travel magazine that Cuzco is 3000 years old! Wow! Love, Grandma L

  2. Such parallel structure in your writing!! (Have to keep up the grammar comments.) I’m very glad you got a chance to review your Spanish….I ‘m sure that lengthy study session will help tremendously when you take your placement test!

  3. Praise the Lord! You are safely there. So glad it all went smoothly–hopefully is a sign for future
    endeavors. So good to be able to send your message to us also. You don’t feel so far away.
    I made apple cider this morning. Yum!

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