The luggage and I.

I’m packed. Okay, really, I’m mostly packed. There is still a small pile of usb cables, a sweater, and a few books that have to be convinced to fit into my backpack somehow. Other than that, though, I am finished. I think I zipped and unzipped my suitcase six times today after I thought I had finished packing. Most of those times were to attempt to squeeze one more item into the suitcase that refused to fit in my backpack. Each time I unzipped it, I started the 15-minute process of folding this and tucking that, yanking straps, and generally wrestling with my suitcase to fit (or fail to fit) the new item. It almost qualified as a cardio workout. As it is, the poor thing is so stuffed full, I will be mildly surprised if it does not pop a seam before it arrives in Peru.

Father and I are leaving in about two hours, I would guess, to drive to some hotel near the airport and spend the night. We will depart once the boys get back from their evening excursion. I guess my next post will probably be from Lima, or maybe even Cusco! Oh boy.



  1. Nice picture !! Gives a perspective on the giant, stuffed suitcase. We are sending you lots of hugs and kisses and safe traveling prayers. We will be waiting to hear more from Peru. Love you, Grandma L.

  2. I can just see you packing those items in there. Yes, I, too, hope it doesn’t split a seam. It would not be a pretty sight, would it? Bon Voyage!!

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