I officially started packing this afternoon, though nothing is actually in my suitcase as I write this. I have been doing things like encasing my shampoo and conditioner in ziploc bags, washing a last-minute load of laundry, and choosing which of my mechanical pencils to bring.

This morning I picked up a necklace I had ordered from a local artisan for my host mother in Peru. The artisan also happens to be my best friend, who, besides being a professional pianist, piano teacher, harpist, harp teacher, and blogger, also happens to make jewelry in her few brief moments of spare time. Though I am in no way an expert on jewelry, I do think the necklaces and earrings and such that she invents are usually quite pretty. The one for my Peru lady is especially lovely. I sort of want it. And so did Hannah. And so did her mother. Oh well. Its fine sea glass and silvery beaded strands are now safely enclosed in a padded, green polkadot box, ready to be delivered, with some coffee from Port City Java, our local version of Starbucks, to my host mother. There’s no way she couldn’t like it.



  1. The gifts for your host person sound very thoughtful and wonderful. I know she will love them or at least enjoy them. Progress is being made.


    1. Dream on, dream on. *grins*
      You know, those two phrases are not really related in my mind; I am fully capable of liking something, especially a necklace, and not wearing it. Case in point: the necklace you ordered me from the California hippies. I like it. I don’t (often) wear it.

  2. Glad to hear the packing has moved from “not” to “sort of”. Also I want the necklace too, it sounds beautiful, along with the green polka dot box.

  3. I know you will have some other things in that suitcase soon, but so far so good. We are so excited for you and this great adventure.

    Love Aunt Linda and Uncle David

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