mailing and email addresses

Some of you have expressed an interest in sending me mail whilst I am in Peru, and for that, I thank you. Also for that, you need a physical mailing address, something you have requested. Up until this point, I have not had one available with which to provide you. But! Now I do! In the interest of not telling the whole world my mailing address, I will not be including it with this post. However, if you would like the address, email or comment or call or facebook or contact me somehow so that I can email it to you.

My other address, the electronic mail one, will also change slightly while I’m in Peru. I will not have access to my current email address. Therefore, yet again, contact me if you would like to know what email address to use while I am in Peru.

Of course, you can always get in touch with me simply by commenting on a post, preferable the most recent one, on this blog.


One comment

  1. Hi, I just arrived home from your house. All went well (just a 15 minute delay in Raleigh) I have what I need for “emergency” mailing. Suppose I’ll use this post most of the time. It is easiest and available. Sure was good to spend a little time with you. Did not want to be in the way, so hope I wasn’t. Good travels with Dad! and then on to Cusco.
    Love, Grandma

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