one week and an embedded slideshow test

One week, people. That is almost precisely how long I have until Father and I leave. I say “almost precisely” because our flight leaves rather early in the morning, (early enough, in fact, that we are spending Wednesday night in a hotel in close proximity to the airport to avoid rising any earlier than absolutely necessary) and, as it is now the early afternoon, I have slightly less than one week left here at home. That is all I have to say on the matter.

Ahem. This is a test of the embedded-slideshow-function-on-Claire’s-blog system. If this was an actual slideshow of gap year pictures, a slideshow of Claire’s most recent and relevant photographs would appear below this message. This has been a test of the embedded-slideshow-function-on-Claire’s-blog system.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. That is not long, especially since Grandma is coming to “help” or get in your way. I’ll try to be more on the helpful side and stay out of your way. Would you believe the photos even worked this time.?


  2. Did you anyone tell you that you are an extremely remarkable girl?? How on earth did you remember my birthday? I wish so much that I could see you face to face again and talk and catch up like that night we stood on opposite sides of the trampoline. :-) But that’ll have to wait, I suppose. Thanks so much for the ‘BFFAE’ – I haven’t heard that forever! It brought up mountains of poignant, sweet memories….once again, thank you. I wish you safe travels and exciting adventures….don’t those two seem slightly contradictory? Can’t wait to get a peek of Peru through your time there.

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