the pile in the corner and changes in appearance

I have started a little pile in the corner of my room sort of between my bookcase and dresser. It is my extraneous Peru items pile. I figured that since my departure is rather imminent and somewhat looming, I ought to have some visual manifestation of that list of extraneous Peru items I have been making. So, now I have it. Thus far, the rather lonely little group of stuff consists of only my water zapper thingy, my Peru maps (generously provided by Grandpa L), my Peru and South America books (kindly supplied by Uncle Tom), some nifty bulk-reducing packing bags, my totally awesome Platypus water bottle, and a tiny first aid kit I bought in Switzerland and recently rediscovered in my closet. But, it’s a start!

As you may have (I should certainly hope you have) noticed, this blog looks different. Yup, well, that’s because I changed its theme. When blogging with WordPress, one has the blessing of having pre-constructed themes to use for one’s blog so one does not have to design one’s whole blog oneself. When blogging with WordPress, one also has the curse of being forced to use pre-constructed themes for one’s blog. And so here we are. My previous theme, my beloved DePo Square theme, did not have enough customizable features. Foreseeing the future frustration this lack of options would cause me, I decided to abandon it. Twas a sad day, this day. Ah well. This blog now sports a right hand column that enables you people out there to access content that you would otherwise have had no way to see (right now that’s just a pointless list of my favorite sites, but later it will be links to pictures, I hope). Furthermore, this new theme, rather more boring and annoyingly dash-filled though it is, will provide the flexibility I was looking for. But! Do not be shocked or amazed if I discard this option also. I may not be able to get past this obsessive need to use whiteout on my computer screen to cover up those hideous dashes between things in the left column and before the title at the top. ugh. We shall see.



  1. Yes, it is a change and fine with me. I will be coming to check on the size of your pile on Sept. 9 so best get busy. When you have goals you sometimes get busy and try to meet those goals, whatever they are. By then, you’ll need an almost complete pile.

    Have you then made the decision to take your computer? I would guess, yes.

    Jake needs some encouragement at Evansville University, according to his dad. I don’t have an address for him or know if he has e-mail. It seems he hasn’t found any friends yet and no real interests besides studying. I don’t know what he should expect in a week and a half.

    See you soon.


  2. I’m sure your pile will grow larger and larger in a sort of Alice in Wonderland way. Don’t forget the mails do run to and from Peru so what is inadvertently left behind can be in Peru a couple of weeks (or maybe faster) after requested. Talk to you soon. Love, Grandma L.

  3. I don’t really know if I’ve made the computer decision, yet, Grandma M. But I guess I am planning on bringing it at this point unless some fantastic other option presents itself. See you soon!

    Good point, Grandma L. Speaking of mail, I don’t think I will be mailing much if anything to the US while I’m in Peru. I read somewhere that their mail system has been privatized, and it costs $6 just to send a letter to the US! So I may be bringing to post cards home to mail when I get back. : )

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