the computer dilemma

I have a dilemma. It goes like this: to bring or not to bring the computer, that is the question. This question has ocuppied my thoughts quite a bit recently, when I’m not reading, cooking, baking, eating, running, experimenting, or going to the beach, that is. It may sound like a simple thing to decide, but there are numerous factors and plot twists and such to be considered. I shall elaborate.
I would like to bring my computer, so I can have easy access to all my pictures, bookmarks, and other personalized features contained in its lovely unibody. In addition, with its built-in mic and webcam, it will be easy to use to skype [my best friend] Hannah and mia famiglia and anyone else I happen to want to communicate with over some medium other than plain text. Also, and probably chiefly, I can upload pictures to my computer and from there to my blog and/or to some photo sharing website so you people can look at them. However (and this is one big “however”), I don’t want my computer to be stolen. Seeing as it constitutes the largest purchase of my life thus far, I’m not keen on losing it. Of course, I would certainly hope that the chance that it would be snatched right out of the house where I will be staying is minuscule. But, the issue is not so much it being taken from my homestay house as it is it being taken either forcibly or sneakily as I transport it to either school or an internet cafe to use it since I think I can safely assume that my homestay will not include in-house internet. Then again, maybe it will. Regardless, if I do not bring my computer, I will have a myriad of technological issues to resolve.
If I do not tote my computer along with me, I will have to purchase and bring a combination headphone/mic set. From previous experience, I know it can be a pain to find one that functions decently and reliably. I will be forced to rely upon the the internet cafes or the Spanish school to have skype availible for me to use. I will possibly have to type on some sort of Spanish-ized keyboard. Maybe the keyboard doesn’t sound too bad to you, but the ones in Guatemala I tried typing on were incredibly frustrating; the punctuation marks were out of place, as were the shift keys, and vowels with accent marks were scattered here and there. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I was certainly traumatized. It must have taken me three times as long as normal to type up a short email, which still ended up with strange bits of punctuation and spacing here and there. I like my lovely, American keyboard upon which I can easily whip out somewhat lengthy and verbose posts such as this one. Anyways. Finally, and yet again, most critically, I would have to upload my pictures to some random Peruvian computer, then upload them Picasa and link to them from here. Perhaps I wouldn’t even be able to add pictures directly to my posts. Now that would be annoying. Furthermore, when I returned home I would have to import my Peru pictures from Picasa on to my computer so I could organize them as I like. See the problems here?
So. At this point, I haven’t made up my mind. I think in the end I will probably bring my dear, familiar computer and risk losing it in the name of convenience and mental stability. But I don’t know. Just watch, I’ll end up deciding on the day I leave, procrastinating child that I am.

For now, however, I am determined to enjoy my last few weeks (YIPES!) of increasingly glorious beach town weather, library books in English, normal food from a normal grocery store, and English-speaking people.



  1. You do have quite a dilemma. Wish I could sove it for you, but I don’t know how to keep it from being stolen either. I don’t see any way to lock and key it, do you? Unless you can lock the room you will be staying in. Hmmm! I don’t know how that is possible either without the host being involved. Who knows who else will be in the home. Oh dear.


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