my suitcase’s own post

As I (sort of) promised you and my then unembodied suitcase in my last post, here is a post for and about my suitcase.

It’s an Osprey, and its embroidered logo has a somewhat stick-figureish, cave-paintingish illustration of a bird of prey, wings outstretched, head profiled. Supported by massive, solid wheels that should belong on a Razor scooter, it stands sturdily erect, tall and slim. Despite its rather featherlight weight and lean stature, its main compartment, when unzipped reveals cavernous depths and several handy mesh pockets. To maintain its diminutive figure it also boats several cinches and straps, easily tightened down to its optimum size, even when stuffed full of my junk, I presume. Concealed in a zippered pouch flush with the rest of the back of the suitcase are backpack straps akin to those on fancy hiking backpacks; and they’re quite comfy. Of course, it has a normal retractable handle and various plastic and cloth handles for grabbing it from any angle. I think it will definitely suffice for this trip and numerous others over the years.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, are some photographs (taken with the help of my handy new tripod) of the abovementioned suitcase :

Puppy would not acknowledge its existence.

Puppy was half whining, half yawning to get my attention.

Puppy, who was still trying desperately to attract my attention, was tragically ignored for the sake of this shot.

Puppy does have a real name, of course: Sasha. But I call her “Puppy” or “Sash” most of the time. Hopefully she’ll forgive me and my suitcase someday soon.


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