still waiting, mostly

I’m still waiting. Still waiting for a subset of the Panama DTS people to email me back. Still waiting for the Peruvian embassy to email me back about whether or not I need a visa. Still waiting for UNC-CH admissions to inform me if I have been granted a deferral or not. Still waiting.

Really, though, I’m not waiting on everything that I was previously. My new passport, which I was waiting for, did come. And the Panama DTS people to whom I originally sent my inquiry did email me back. Nevertheless, I feel like I’m waiting. And nothing else. I guess it’s because until I hear from the Panama DTS people, I can’t decide which DTS I will attend. And until I hear from the Peruvian embassy, I don’t know how much more paperwork I need. And until I know if I have my deferral or not, I don’t know if I will have the bother of filling out college applications again to worry about whilest I am in Peru.

Still waiting. Still somewhat clueless. Still slightly plan-less. Ah well, that’s life, isn’t it?



  1. I’m sure everything will probably happen at once and then you can move forward with precipitous deadlines that add excitement to the process. Always seems that way. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone soon and spending time at the beach together Love, G.L.

  2. Very true. Plus, its you. So… ya know. It’ll probably come a week before you leave because HEY thats how you function :)

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