initial application

The initial application. I filled it out on Monday or Tuesday (can’t remember which) and sent it in on Wednesday or Thursday with some money. As instructed by the lady I called, I had Mother co-sign wherever I had to sign. Once the people receive this initial application, the scope of which was quite cursory as they only asked for my name, address, and the country I am interested in, they’ll send me the real application. I suppose the parents and I will have to sign my life away on that real application. And to think, this is all only for the first part of my gap year! Yipes!

On a somewhat gap-year-unrelated note, I’M GRADUATING TOMORROW!

That’s really all I have to say. And this post is way too short, and there’s not really enough information to make it worth it. But, I don’t care!



  1. I got on! That is a big feat in itself. I think we will enjoy reading and responding to you. I’m in the mood already. I like your planning. Let’s see, it doens’t start until September so we are practicing, right?
    Thanks for sharing this with me. I will enjoy it.

    Should I mark “Notify” or Subscribe”?


  2. hola mi sobrina,
    yo quiero practicar mi espanol y leer mucho sobre su “gap year” :-) hasta la semana de playa, tia c

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