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I said I wouldn’t post until I had more information, and I’m posting…because I have more information! And even if I didn’t, it wouldn’t matter because there is no one to hold me accountable to my promises at this point since the only person who has read the last post or might read this one within the next week is my best friend, Hannah. All the rest of you (whoever you will be) are going to be reading this at least a week after I’ve written it, since you won’t find out about this blog until I’ve officially graduated, probably. Anyways, on to the news.

I have decided which country (recall that Ecuador and Peru are the two options) I am going to. *drum roll* PERU! Yup. So instead of potentially visiting the Galapagos, I might visit Machu Picchu. We shall see. In any case, let me inform you how I made this decision, which, by the way, I only made about 15 minutes ago.

In between putting strawberry whipped cream on some cupcakes I made for small group tonight (to celebrate Mother’s birthday tomorrow), I called a lady from the program I’ll be using to go to Peru. Dad had apparently called her the other day to ask some questions about the program and to legitimatize it in his mind. At the time he asked if they would be willing to make an exception to their you-must-be-eighteen-before-you-go-somewhere-with-us policy so that I (the forever-youngest-in-the-class child with the late birthday, which I love, thankyouverymuch) could go in September as opposed to after my birthday. They said yes. But, the lady emailed last night to say the she wished me to call today so that we could discuss the implications of being the youngest person (“…there is nothing new under the sun”) in my Spanish class and being a minor for the first little while when I’m in Peru. I talked to her for about 10 minutes. She was quite nice and enthusiastic and pleased that I actually wanted to do the gap year thing and that it wasn’t just my parents sending me. I informed her that it would be absolutely not an issue for me to be the youngest person anywhere because I’m quite acclimated to and comfortable in that post. We also discussed volunteer work options for my spare time. Finally, she asked if I had any questions. First, I asked about extracurricular activities, which she enumerated. Then, I asked if she could tell me about any of the differences between going to Ecuador or Peru, since I was having a hard time deciding (I really was!). She started out saying that there really wasn’t much of a difference, but end up pointing out that the city where I’d live in Ecuador was bigger and slightly more dangerous. Basically, she recommended that I go to Peru because the city there is smaller and it’s a better place to get used to South American public transportation and whatever else there is to get used to. So, that did it. She wants me to go to Peru; Dad has his mind stuck on Peru for some reason; and there’s not much difference between Peru and Ecuador; I’m going to Peru (although the parents don’t know yet because neither of them are home)!



  1. Hey! I’m in the exact same situation as you! I’m also graduating this year and taking a gap year. Peru is my first stop as well. I’m also not 18 yet so that was also a problem for me. It would great if you could email me so we can discuss our plans :)

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