starting early

After spending a few brief moments in thought about this blog and my impending graduation on May 14th (these thoughts enter unbidden into one’s mind when one starts attending the last class of this and the last exam of that), I decided that it would be best for me and, perhaps, everyone else, if I started this blog before my graduation. This way, if anyone happens to ask me at my graduation or anytime soon  if I can email them or somehow keep them up to date with my gap year travels and experiences and such, I can say, “Suuure!..Conveniently, I have a blog just for that. Here, want me to write it down for you? It’s…” and I scribble furiously, “…” And now, whoever asked is happy, and I don’t have to send out mass emails to people who may or may not genuinely want to know about my life at the moments when I invade their inbox with my verbose, excessive missives. So. I’m starting early.

Okay, so now that my explanation is out of the way, here’s what we have so far on the gap year: I’m going to one of two countries in South America – Ecuador or Peru – for three months to go to Spanish school, during which time I will stay with a host family and eat their food, et cetera. After that? Well, I have a plan, but the parents aren’t quite on board. So, I guess I should say I don’t know.

I’m starting a new paragraph because it has occurred to me that some of the paragraph above won’t make sense if I don’t give some background information. Basically, I have no idea what I “want to be when I grow up.” And that’s a problem. I (and especially the parents) don’t want to waste time and money sending me off to my first year of college with no idea as to what I will study, except of course, general studies stuff. Therefore, Mother, who had become aware of the idea of a “gap year” – a year off between high school and college, generally – figured that I should do one. I have been, and, I am sure, will continue to be, intermittently opposed and in favor of the idea; nevertheless, I’m doing it. The deadline for a decision was Cinco de Mayo (that’s today, by the way).  I suppose I’ve spent four or five months now googling and googling and reading and sorting through hundreds if not thousands of gap year options. I started with the book The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College by Kristin White to find some initial options and from there it only expanded, especially after Grandma L. did some internet searching of her own and sent me some more options (here I must say, THANK YOU GRANDMA, because it is quite possible that she was the one that found the program that I’m going to use, although really I can’t remember). Anyways, I had everything bookmarked on the computer (there were 60 or 70 bookmarks for a while), and Mother and I categorized them and gradually discarded a few here and there until we were down to 10 or so options.  By that point (a week or so ago), I had decided what I wanted to do and was only waiting and hoping for Mother and Father jump on board. And they did, mostly. Now, in accordance with a discussion that we had to pin down some gap year guidelines, I hope to be out of the country and doing something for five to eight months during the 2011-2012 school year, whilest everyone else my age is wandering their respective campuses trying to find food.

There you have it, people. That’s the summary. Regarding this blog, I do not plan to post anything until I have more information to give about my gap year (read: until the negotiations about the second half of my gap year have to come some conclusion). And I hope I will have enough self control to be able to keep myself from posting trivialities about my life, just because it’s fun. We shall see. Until next time!


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